Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another use for grapeseed oil-PANCAKES!

People ask me all the time what should one use grapeseed oil for.  I usually state the obvious uses such as skillet meals, high temperature cooking and baking bread.  Sometimes my mind draws a blank which isn't a far stretch considering how many thoughts are in my mind at any given moment.  LOL!  

Another use popped up in my head when I was making breakfast for my troops this morning. 


I use the recipe for pancakes from the Betty Crocker Cookbook.  This is the first cookbook I ever bought 25 years ago when I left home.

Does this look familiar?  Thought it did!

The recipe for pancakes calls for 2 TBSP of either shortening(gross!) or vegetable oil (yuk!).  What I did was substitute Wildtree Butter-flavored grapeseed oil for that stuff.  I also grease the skillet with a brush with butter-flavored grapeseed oil.

Can anyone tell the difference?  No.  
Does anyone refuse to eat it?  No.
Is it healthier?   YES!

I ended up using the last of last summer's blueberry harvest to make blueberry pancakes.  :(
They were yummy!

For those interested-Wildtree is offering a great customer special for January.  Spend $50.00 in Wildtree product and get a gallon of grapeseed oil for only $25.00.  This is half-off!  Imagine the possibilities!  Contact me at lkoleszar@cox.net for more information.

Got to go.  The prisoners are trying to take over the prison!  Thanks for stopping by! :)

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